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Don’t You Still Feel Dirty After 
"Cleaning" With Toilet Paper?

Don’t You Still
Feel Dirty After
"Cleaning" With
Toilet Paper?

The benefits you will enjoy with EcoJet:
The benefits you will enjoy with EcoJet:
  • Feel & be more clean & refreshed after a bowel movement
  • Alleviate & prevent anal health issues
  • ​Live more eco-friendly by using less toilet paper (or none at all)
  • ​Save money on toilet paper expenses (Don't worry about toilet paper shortages!)
Watch Video Below:
It's very easy to assume that cleaning up with toilet paper is the answer to every bowel movement, because that's what we've been taught to believe since we were toddlers.
But let’s face it… toilet paper does NOT actually clean your butt!
You don’t even FEEL clean after wiping, like you would after taking a shower.
Just think about it: would you consider picking up dog poop with your bare hands to throw it away, then ONLY wipe your hands with dry toilet paper before going about the rest of your day?
Of course not!
When using toilet paper to “clean” your bum, you’re merely smearing the fecal matter around the skin. You consider it “cleaned” once it’s thinned out enough that it doesn’t visibly stick to toilet paper.
Does that make any sense to you?
It didn’t make any sense to us, or to the 10,000 customers of EcoJet Portable Bidet.
Introducing EcoJet:
The World’s First Portable Bidet
EcoJet Portable Bidet is a handheld, electronic device that you fill with cold or warm water (whichever you prefer) and position just so to shower your dirty bum while sitting on the toilet seat, to eliminate what's left after you've eliminated with a powerful and pulsating flow, all in just 25 to 40 seconds!
Created for You:
The Health & Hygiene-Conscious Individual
We all want to be hygienic, including down there. And to be “clean”, we were taught from a young age to wipe, wipe, and wipe some more with toilet paper.
But this frequent and repetitive action can cause skin break down and thinning, which can lead to tearing, irritations, itchiness, and worst case an infection.
Bringing the EcoJet into your routine would by-and-large eliminate these negative consequences, while letting you live a more hygienic lifestyle.
The shower removes leftover fecal matter so you don't have to “wipe” in the way you’re used to. All you need is a dedicated towel or a few squares of toilet paper to gently tap (not wipe) your bum dry.
Can you imagine this?
  • No more nasty first wipes that pick up & smear around a chunk of poop
  • No more rigorous wiping with dry TP until it comes back “clean”
  • No more unclean feeling when leaving the toilet
All this is possible with EcoJet. When you get off the porcelain throne and exit the bathroom after an EcoJet shower, you’ll be feeling completely clean and refreshed, both physically and emotionally!
How Do I Use EcoJet?
To everyone’s surprise, EcoJet is very easy and simple for anybody to use. What’s great about EcoJet is that it does not require any expert installation to get set up, making it a lot more practical than unaffordable bidet attachments (upwards of $600).
See below for the basic instructions on how to use EcoJet:
EcoJet’s Additional Benefits
If you thought that the EcoJet’s only benefit is to get you more hygienic, you’re completely underestimating it!
Help Alleviate & Prevent Anal Health Issues With EcoJet
If you’re suffering from any sort of anal health issue, EcoJet can be a godsend of a product!
Examples of problems are:
Anal itching
Rectal prolapse
Crohn’s disease
Before you even get to wiping, the soothing water from the EcoJet relaxes the anal muscles to make defecating (even with constipation) less problematic as there’s less need to strain. 
The EcoJet removes leftover fecal matter so you don't have to painfully scrub inflamed tissues: all it takes is a dedicated towel or a few squares of toilet paper to gently tap (not wipe or scrub) your bum dry.
Recommended by doctors & health professionals
Additionally, the EcoJet keeps the area around the anal varicose veins clean, which is crucial for avoiding itchiness and to ensure that no infection can gain a foothold.
Live More Eco-Friendly With EcoJet
Did you know...
Americans alone use an astonishing 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper every single day in futile attempts to cleanse their bottoms?
And are you aware that it takes roughly:
  • 41,000 trees
  • 1,297,500,000 gallons of water (that's 1.3 BILLION with a B!)
  • 88,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases...
Every Single Day(!) to make those 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper?
By making EcoJet part of your clean-up routine, you’ll be cutting your toilet paper usage to just 1 tap instead of however many wipes it currently takes you.
You can even go completely toilet paper-free by using a dedicated towel to dry your crack!
With EcoJet, not only will your butt be clean, but your conscience will feel cleaner too, knowing that you’re leaving a smaller environmental footprint.
BONUS BENEFIT: On average, a person uses US$8,400 worth of toilet paper in their lifetime. Why not save on that by using EcoJet and spend money on better things?
Benefits Just For Ladies
EcoJet helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasant. 
Along with blood, menstrual flow contains cervical and vaginal mucus and degenerated endometrial particles. When this fluid comes in contact with bacteria in the air, it begins to decompose and can create a bad scent.
The gentle stream from the EcoJet rinses the feminine area clean and helps remove the odor. We understand how difficult a period can be, so any help to make life easier is greatly appreciated!
Additionally, EcoJet is ideal for postpartum hygiene. An EcoJet shower makes it easy to keep clean without irritating a part of the body that's already been through quite a bit of trauma.
EcoJet's Advanced Features
Great Portability - No Installation Required!
At just under 6 inches (15cm) long in its compact state, it folds and fits into a small purse or pocket, making it both discreet and extremely handy whenever and wherever you need it.
Rechargeable Battery
Each 2-hour charge of the USB-charged lithium-ion battery is good for roughly 100 cycles, so you won't have to worry about constantly charging or replacing the battery!
Dual Pressure with Quiet Motor
Through months of testing, we have found the perfect water pressure to clean fecal matter but not harm your nether region, while only making a gentle and discreet whirring noise.
When shot up vertically, the water reaches 5 feet (1.52 meters) high on the HI setting and 2.5 feet (76 cm) on the LO setting. The clip below demonstrates this strength, with the EcoJet spraying down peanut butter with ease.
Watch EcoJet spray down sticky peanut butter with ease!
Plentiful Capacity
For most, the attached water reservoir (5.6 fluid ounces or 165 ml) is sufficient to clean until there's no trace of brown left, but if one desires a longer wash with more water (we won't blame you if you do since it feels sooo good and soothing!), the package includes a water bottle adapter to use in place of the water reservoir.
**Please understand that we are not supporting the purchase of plastic water bottles - that is against what we stand for. What we are trying to accomplish is getting perpetual use out of what would be a one-use plastic bottle that's already been made and used.
Wash From the Front or Back
EcoJet can be used in two ways: showering from the back and showering from the front.
Both styles are equally effective at cleaning, and it is up to the user for which they prefer.
For those that have difficulty reaching to the back when they wipe (due to an injury, health problem or loss of range of motion), showering from the front by holding the EcoJet between your thighs, with the shower-head pointing directly at the anus, is the easy, comfortable, and recommended method.
    Real Review From a Real Customer
    Gloria, who lives in Florida, was kind enough to write an in-depth review of her experience with EcoJet. Read on below!
    Last year, I traveled to Japan and experienced bidet-installed toilet seats for the first time, and was blown away by how effective at cleaning and awesome they were!
    I was skeptical of the idea of water shooting at my butt, but any concern was gone after the first experience. Yes, the very first contact is a bit of a surprise, but you get used to it right away, and I found it really relaxing and soothing.
    I wanted to purchase one and take it back home with me, but it was completely impractical...
    • The cheapest version I found was over $700 (I don't have that kind of money)
    • I rent an apartment so I can't mess around with the plumbing and install a bidet on my toilet
    So when I saw the ad for EcoJet, I knew right away that this was the practical solution for me if I ever wanted a clean butt.
    I decided to order 1 EcoJet and it arrived in about 11 days (right in line with the estimated 10-15 business days on their website). It was packaged well and the box looked nice.
    When the time came to go #2, I filled the tank with warm tap water and attached the main part to it. I placed it on the floor next to me as I took my seat. And set-up was done! Easy-peasy!
    After taking care of business, I picked up the EcoJet and held it behind me (just like how the Japanese bidet nozzles come out) and scooted forward on the toilet seat. I aimed at where I imagined to be dirty and let it run on the high-pressure setting until the water ran out, which lasted about 30 seconds.
    The pressure was surprisingly stronger than I expected from such a compact device! The warm water felt pleasant, and I loved how I was completely in control of where I was cleaning.
    Most importantly, when I wiped with toilet paper and looked at it, there was no trace of brown! Just wet toilet paper!
    As I was in disbelief, I pulled out some more TP and wiped again to make sure it was really clean. This time, the toilet paper came back unchanged - just dry and white!
    I have been using EcoJet after every bowel movement for 2 weeks. The idea of directly wiping with toilet paper feels so unsanitary and barbaric to me now, so much that I take EcoJet with me to work, because you just never know when you have to go. I don't think I can ever go back to pooping without it!
    Join 10,000 Other Happy EcoJet Users!
    EcoJet has already helped over 10,000 customers, both men and women, young and old, live a more hygienic lifestyle, allowing them to reduce their environmental burden while increasing their personal health and cleanliness.
    It’s easy to use, it's fast, it's appropriately hygienic, environmentally sound, and really allows everyone to get that sense of complete and utter cleanliness.
    We're so sure you'll love the EcoJet and what it does for you that we're offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Return it within 14 days and we'll refund your money, less shipping fees.
    Here are your steps to join the Movement for Elevated Hygiene:
    EcoJet will be donating a portion of sales to Leonardo DiCaprio's environmental foundation, Earth Alliance, to help fight the raging fires that are devastating the Amazon rainforest and the fires in Australia.
    EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. We 100% stand behind our product, EcoJet Portable Bidet, and believe you'll find it as useful and effective as we do!
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