This Portable Device is Revolutionizing the Way Seniors Wipe After Going #2

Every single day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old. And as one gets up there in age, health issues become more frequent and prevalent. Because of these problems, what used to be simple, mindless tasks, transform into difficult chores that you start to dread every time it comes up.
One such task is wiping your hiney after using the bathroom. It used to be so simple - just take care of business, pull out some toilet paper, reach behind and wipe, and repeat until the toilet paper comes back without any brown mark on it.
But now it’s FAR from that easy.
First, the motion of twisting your back and shoulders to reach your butt has become so DIFFICULT! You don’t know when it got this bad, but your range of motion in your joints have gotten so bad that you can’t reach all the way without struggle, leaving you with an unclean and unsatisfied feeling after attempting to wipe. If you have arthritis, it's even worse!
Second, anal health issues are starting to become more frequent. As one ages, skin becomes thinner and therefore more delicate. This is especially true for the skin around the anus, which is already sensitive to start with. When you were younger, there were usually no consequences for vigorously scrubbing poop away with dry toilet paper. Now, that can easily lead to minor irritations and itching at best, and infections at worst. 
Many anal health issues, such as hemorrhoids and chronic constipation, are highly prevalent in the elderly, and can lead to other issues. For example, about 50% of all people have hemorrhoids by age 50.
When there is an irritation, wiping with dry toilet paper is akin to torture against inflamed tissues AND can cause additional complications. To add insult to injury, when the area is not properly cleaned of fecal matter (because of it being painful to touch), the area becomes more prone to infections.
None of these issues are things we discuss or think about until we are older and it happens to us. If you are experiencing these problems, we feel your pain, and we wanted to make a difference for you. And so the EcoJet was developed...
Introducing EcoJet:
The World’s First Portable Bidet Created For Seniors
The EcoJet Micro-Shower Bidet is a handheld, electronic device that you fill with cold or warm water and position just so, to eliminate what’s left after you’ve eliminated with a powerful and pulsating flow, all in just 25 to 40 seconds. It folds and fits into a small purse or pocket, making it both discreet and extremely handy whenever and wherever you need to “go”.
EcoJet was created with one goal: to help seniors facing one or both of the two major issues discussed above, which are:
1. Having limited range of motion
2. Suffering anal health issues
How Does EcoJet Help Those That Can’t Reach?
EcoJet can be used in two ways: showering from the back and showering from the front. Both styles are equally effective at cleaning, and it is up to the user for which they prefer.
For those that have difficulty reaching to the back when they wipe, showering from the front by holding the EcoJet between your thighs, with the shower-head pointing directly at the anus, is the easy, comfortable, and recommended method.
To dry, take a few squares of toilet paper and tap your bum from between your thighs. Alternatively, a dedicated towel will work as well if you wish to be more eco-friendly and use less toilet paper.
How Does EcoJet Help Those with Anal Health Issues?
Whether your anal malady is itching, a fissure, hemorrhoids/piles, rectal prolapse, a fistula, IBD, IBS, or an ostomy, EcoJet can help.
Before you even get to wiping, the soothing water from the EcoJet relaxes the anal muscles to make defecating (even with constipation) less problematic as there’s less need to strain. It can handle temperatures up to 104ºF or 40ºC, so you can test whether you prefer hotter or colder water for your mini butt-shower. 
The EcoJet removes leftover fecal matter so you don't have to painfully scrub inflamed tissues: all it takes is a dedicated towel or a few squares of toilet paper to gently tap (not wipe or scrub) your bum dry.
Additionally, the EcoJet keeps the area around these varicose veins clean, which is crucial for avoiding itchiness and to ensure that no infection can gain a foothold.
So Easy & Simple Anybody Can Use It
Through months of testing, we have found the perfect water pressure to clean fecal matter but not harm your nether region, while only making a gentle and discreet whirring noise. When shot up vertically, the water reaches 5 feet (1.52 meters) high on the HI setting and 2.5 feet (76 cm) on the LO setting.
Watch EcoJet spray down sticky peanut butter with ease!
A great thing about EcoJet is that there is absolutely no installation required, making it simple and easy for anybody to use it. For most, the attached water reservoir (5.6 fluid ounces or 165 ml) is sufficient to clean till there's no trace of brown left, but if one desires a longer wash with more water (we won't blame you if you do since it feels sooo good and soothing!), the package includes a water bottle adapter to replace the water reservoir.
EcoJet operates on a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable by USB, with each 2-hour charge lasting for roughly 100 cycles, so you won't have to worry about constantly charging or replacing the battery!
Play the video below to see how EcoJet works
Life With EcoJet
I want you to imagine your life with:
No more painful straining
No more harmful scrubbing
No more difficult reaching
The points above are achievable with EcoJet. With a healthy, clean butt, pooping can return to the refreshing experience it should be instead of the traumatic sweat-inducer it has become! You’ll feel transformed knowing you’ll have a hygienic hiney and that you won’t be adding insult to injury by scrubbing dry, wood-based plant materials to your already-afflicted nether regions.
In fact, we're so sure you'll love the EcoJet and what it does for you that we're offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Return it within 14 days and we'll refund your money, less shipping fees.
Here are the steps to Your Most Pleasant Bathroom Experience:
EcoJet is an American company, based in Florida, on a mission to make your bathroom visits more hygienic and healthy, while reducing your environmental footprint. We 100% stand behind our product, EcoJet Portable Bidet, and believe you'll find it as useful and effective as we do!
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